We recently had a customer use our valve to make a time consuming, fiddly and messy problem, well, not so time consuming, fiddly or messy.

Jimmy has a very non-standard (read: modified) Audi and one of the mods is a catch can to reduce the amount of oil blow-by which ends up in the intake and crankcase. Less blow-by means less contamination, less fuel dilution, and more power. The oil drained from the catch can contains a whitish/yellowish residue, possibly a by-product of moisture. This used to be present in the sump oil, pre-catch can, but no longer is - which is a good thing.

Audi catch can

The catch can needs to be drained regularly. The particular catch can he uses has a drain on the bottom and is plugged with a 1/8" plug. To drain, Jimmy had to either undo the plug then try to get a container underneath to catch the contaminated oil or pull the whole catch can out to access the plug easier. Even worse, was trying to get the small plug (with teflon tape over the threads and fumbling with the allen key) back in the catch can in the confined space.

Audi catch can drain hole

Unfortunately, we didn't have a valve that directly suited the 1/8 NPT drain hole on the catch can. But, Jimmy had found an 1/8" NPT male to 10mm x 1.0 adaptor to suit our EZ-125 (10mm x 1.0) oil drain valve.

EZ-125 with 1/8” NPT adaptor to M10

All put together, now all Jimmy does is put a cut coke bottle under the valve, flick the lever and allow it to drain. When it's sufficiently drained (it doesn't have to drain bone dry - just relieve it), he closes up the valve, pulls the coke bottle out, quick wipe, cap it and he's done. Jimmy did say it does take a longer for the oil to drain due to the smaller internal diameter of the adaptor and valve (EZ-125 is our smallest valve), but the convenience definitely outweighs a little added drain time.

EZ-125 drain valve on catch can Audi B8

We did also suggest running a hose from the valve to under the car to make draining even easier, but Jimmy may be right, that any oil left in the hose would drip onto the driveway or garage. Possibly the hose could be plugged at the bottom, but Jimmy is fine with the current setup.

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