EZ Oil Drain Valve on Subaru WRX auto transmission

We did insist, to the customer, that putting an oil drain valve on the auto transmission wasn't necessary as the change intervals were long and normally the pan is dropped completely when the auto transmission fluid is changed.

Subaru WRX automatic transmission pan

But Michael explained that his 2003 WRX is far from stock. We assume his Rex is driven hard, so naturally, it's better to be over-done with preventative maintenance than to not.

Now with the EZ Oil Drain Valve on his auto transmission (he's got one on the engine as well), he is able to take samples to check the condition, easily flush the whole system and fine tune the filling. If he accidentally over-fills, it's easy to remove some fluid.

Subaru WRX automatic transmission pan with EZ-105

For those interested in doing the same, the sizing for 2003 WRX auto transmission pan is 20mm x 1.5 which is our EZ-105 valve.

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