EZ Oil Drain Valve on Dodge RAM fuel filter

EZ Oil Drain Valves are not just for draining oil. Here a customer has installed an EZ-109 (12mm x 1.5) to their Dodge RAM EcoDiesel fuel filter.

A problem with diesel, is that it absorbs water more than petrol, especially if it has been sitting around. The water becomes separated in the filter housing. With the valve, they can now easily drain any separated water from the bottom of the filter.

As an extra benefit, the valve makes it much less messy to change filter cartridges by easily draining off the fuel out of the housing beforehand. 

 Dodge Ram fuel filter

Dodge RAM fuel filter

The customer has plugged the end of the valve with their own plug, but has been sent a PC-001 threaded cap instead.

Dodge RAM fuel/water separator EZ-109

Dodge RAM ecoDiesel fuel/water separator with EZ-109

A straight hose end (H-001) can be attached to the valve if attaching a hose to drain directly into a container.